The CU Boulder University Libraries work to expand awareness, adoption, and creation of open educational resources (OER) and to increase open educational practices and pedagogies (OEP) across campus. The University Libraries OER Leads offer learning, funding, consultations and support of faculty interested in OEP.

ASSETT brings together faculty engaged in innovative and informed use of technology in the classroom. The ASSETT team offers learning communities, workshops, and consultation support to extend teaching with technology to the College of Arts & Sciences.

Together, ASSETT and the University Libraries support open educational practices and bring you a pilot of pressbooks.

Pressbooks on Buffscreate is made possible in partnership with the Buffscreate.net project.

About the platform:

Pressbooks is an online publishing platform that is built on the popular WordPress publishing and blogging platform. If you have used WordPress in the past, Pressbooks should feel familiar to you.

Pressbooks allows you to create content once and publish it in many different formats including as a website, PDF document, EPUB document (usable in most e-reading applications and devices), and MOBI (for Kindle specific applications). It is also a useful tool for making changes to an existing open textbook during the adaptation process.

NOTE: Pressbooks is optimized for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. If you are using Internet Explorer, please update to Edge or use one of the other supported browsers.

Available to CU Boulder Faculty:

CU Boulder Libraries and ASSETT are offering a pilot of pressbooks in partnership with the Buffscreate.net project. When accessing this instance of Pressbooks, faculty must use their institutional email address.

If you are not part of CU Boulder faculty, please go to the general Pressbooks website at pressbooks.com to create an account.

Terms of use:

Users of this pilot must abide by the Buffscreate terms of service.